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City of squirrels and sparrows

When I was a school going kid, I used watch sparrows bathing in little ponds formed on way to my school. I heard them chirping and having a gala time. Back then sparrows were just like those classmates with whom we used to reach school together. There was nothing novel about them. They were just like any other city bird. As a kid I didn’t fancy them. After all what’s so special about this brown timid bird, who hardly stays in one place for not more than 2 minutes!

Unlike the sparrow, I found squirrels adorable. Their peek-a-boo attitude, squeaky little voice, agile body, long furry tail and enchanting eyes! Yes, squirrels were in my good books. Squirrels are quick, cute and shy animals. But squirrels are rare to spot. Because trees are rare to spot!

But this quarantine period has compelled me to notice how well, both sparrows and squirrels have adopted to changing times. So the silly bias I had for squirrels over sparrows is now replaced by sheer affection for both!

The reducing number of trees or dwellings for these city animals and birds, is now making them adaptable to a new kind of dwelling; windows and the water pipes of our dwellings i.e our buildings.

Some kind hearted citizens do offer water and food to the city birds and animals.

Mumbai is a home to these cute little beings as well. Like humans, they are also surviving the vicious circle of pollution and progress together. They do not allow their timidness to be taken for granted, their acceptance for adaption, shows how brave they can be !

Can we learn something from them?🐿️

Where there is a will there is a way!

Stay calm and keep reading!📖

Best wishes,


Feature image courtesy: WordPress free photos library

Pictures inside the blog clicked by me!


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