The Bridges of Madison County

”I don’t want to need you, ’cause I can’t have you” – Robert Kincaid (Clint Eastwood)

This single sentence sums up the heart of this film. Today on 22nd June 2020, I am writing this blog to celebrate Meryl Streep’s birthday. The sole purpose of this blog is to relive the memories of this film for those who have watched it. And for those who haven’t yet watched, please do watch it. It is a beautiful film.

The film is based upon author Robert James Waller’s novel The Bridges of Madison County.

All of us have some notions or opinions about how our love life must be. We dream of it to be perfect. The problem arises when we realize the definition of perfection is quite subjective and fictional. Also, the very human nature of learning from mistakes comes across the perfect romantic relationship. I believe it happens because of our natural inability to foresee future.

The soul of the film travels around the lives of Francesca Johnson played by Meryl Streep and Robert Kincaid by Clint Eastwood. The film is set in the sixties era which adds more to the curiosity of the audience. The two characters personify two elements of human behaviour, Francesca is a housewife who had dreamt of different life, a life more exciting with some drizzle of love. And Robert is someone who is living the life Francesca wants to live. Although Francesca is a bit upset by the unpleasant conduct of her growing teenage children, she appreciates the hardwork of her husband. She knows her husband loves her. Robert is a photographer working on an assignment about the bridges of Madison county. When on his way, Robert happens to come across Francesca’s house. He asked her the way to the bridges and that’s when their story begins.

There is a mystifying slow pace to their story. Two middle aged people, one a married woman and another a man who has seen the world beyond, harmonizing at a strange intersection of feelings! The dailogues of the film reveal the muddle of their lives.

Both had varied experiences to share. Francesca was a bit shy to share her experiences and dreams, well that is quite reasonable considering Robert was still a stranger to her and yet she trusted his vibes. She invited him at her home for an ice tea. Robert on the other hand puts his heart on his sleeves, at same time trying to get a picture of her mind.

There are some subtle moments in the film that keeps the audience intrigued about how far the two characters will go. The Madison county bridge, Francesca’s kitchen at her home, Robert’s car also add to the beauty of the film. Because these are the places where most of the magic happens.

The contrast of deeply wanting to live, the rest of her life with Robert and the reality of how impossible it is for both of them to do it, is the climax of the film. The film beautifully portraits the most important aspect of love, Sacrifice. A quality which is often ignored in the zest of being together forever.

Francesca and Robert decide to part ways and face the fickle nature of life.

So sit back relax and watch this film with your loved ones ❤️

Stay calm

Best wishes


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