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Summer playlist 2020!

My summer story is mostly spent indoors. Along with the scorching heat, summers open doors for ice cream indulgence! Summer afternoons are all about my beloved books and my mellow music playlist!

Do you also like to listen to rare musical talent? Do you like to listen to music while having shower or while cooking some comfort food? In this blog you’ll find out more about new talents budding across the globe on this year’s Fête de la Musique 2020 i.e World music day!

Each one of us has a different taste in music. I personally don’t think much about the genre. At times I’m not even aware about the genre of the song I am listening to. For me, it’s about the spectrum of perplexed human emotions invigorated by the artists in the form of ‘music’.

When I first started listening and marking my favourite singers, I was obviously influenced by the famous pop singers. Back then I was a crazy teenager. Singers who’s songs topped the Billboards were on my playlist. But it’s a very recent practice that, I have begun developing a taste for lesser known yet more euphonious singers.

So if you want to listen to some fresh voices that will groove your feet and move your heart, here’s my summer 2020 playlist!

Scotland by The Lumineers

You don’t own me by Whitney Rose

Heavy by Birdtalker

Cold/Mess by Pratik Kuhad

I’m gonna love you for a long time by Maggie Rogers

There many single songs I listen to when my heart drowns into a deluge of emotions. Here are some more beautiful compositions that can partner with your ice tea!

Rhineland by Beirut

There will be a time by Joe Kaplow

Stella by Cereus Bright

Hold you in my arms by Ray LaMontagne

I could keep on writing more about them. But it wouldn’t make sense if you guys don’t listen to Maggie Rogers “I’m gonna love you for a long time” or Whitney Rose’s “You don’t own me”? And how about loosening into the solitariness of Beirut’s “Rhineland”.

Music has always been my best companion. There are times when our closed ones are busy for their legitimate reasons. All of us have a life, everyday decisions are being made, broken, changed and so on. The world around us is changing. No one is sure about how far humanity will need to  adapt these changes. And for that matter are we all capable of adapting to those changes!

Well, I’m sure a lot of things would change. But there’s something that I pray should remain unchanged. Our connection with music. There are many things in this world that can make us go grim. Thankfully, music allows us to fix our hidden scars. At times, it shows us our deepest sides, sides that a mirror couldn’t tell.

I could keep on writing more about songs that changed me but I shall keep that conversation safe for some other time. Tell me in the comments section about your favourite songs and singers. Let’s keep sharing good vibes!

Stay calm and keep the music on!🎧

Best wishes


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